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Added .lesskey

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>
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commit f23548f3ba7e0f8fbef2d94a95ef4d11aa3c0c4b 1 parent fb85c53
@trofi authored
Showing with 145 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +145 −0 .lesskey
145 .lesskey
@@ -0,0 +1,145 @@
+\r forw-line
+\n forw-line
+e forw-line
+j forw-line
+\kd forw-line
+^E forw-line
+^N forw-line
+k back-line
+y back-line
+^Y back-line
+^K back-line
+^P back-line
+J forw-line-force
+K back-line-force
+Y back-line-force
+d forw-scroll
+^D forw-scroll
+u back-scroll
+^U back-scroll
+\40 forw-screen
+f forw-screen
+^F forw-screen
+^V forw-screen
+\kD forw-screen
+b back-screen
+^B back-screen
+\ev back-screen
+\kU back-screen
+z forw-window
+w back-window
+\e\40 forw-screen-force
+F forw-forever
+R repaint-flush
+r repaint
+^R repaint
+^L repaint
+\eu undo-hilite
+g goto-line
+\kh goto-line
+< goto-line
+\e< goto-line
+p percent
+% percent
+\e[ left-scroll
+\e] right-scroll
+\e( left-scroll
+\e) right-scroll
+{ forw-bracket {}
+} back-bracket {}
+( forw-bracket ()
+) back-bracket ()
+[ forw-bracket []
+] back-bracket []
+\e^F forw-bracket
+\e^B back-bracket
+G goto-end
+\e> goto-end
+> goto-end
+\ke goto-end
+= status
+^G status
+:f status
+/ forw-search
+? back-search
+\e/ forw-search *
+\e? back-search *
+n repeat-search
+\en repeat-search-all
+N reverse-search
+\eN reverse-search-all
+m set-mark
+' goto-mark
+^X^X goto-mark
+E examine
+:e examine
+^X^V examine
+:n next-file
+:p prev-file
+t next-tag
+T prev-tag
+:x index-file
+:d remove-file
+- toggle-option
+:t toggle-option t
+s toggle-option o
+_ display-option
+| pipe
+v visual
+! shell
++ firstcmd
+H help
+h help
+V version
+0 digit
+1 digit
+2 digit
+3 digit
+4 digit
+5 digit
+6 digit
+7 digit
+8 digit
+9 digit
+q quit
+Q quit
+:q quit
+:Q quit
+ZZ quit
+#home & end ;]
+\eOH goto-line
+\eOF goto-end
+\t forw-complete
+\17 back-complete
+\e\t back-complete
+^L expand
+^V literal
+^A literal
+\el right
+\kr right
+\eh left
+\kl left
+\eb word-left
+\e\kl word-left
+\ew word-right
+\e\kr word-right
+\ei insert
+\ex delete
+\kx delete
+\eX word-delete
+\ekx word-delete
+\e\b word-backspace
+\e0 home
+\kh home
+\e$ end
+\ke end
+\ek up
+\ku up
+\ej down
+LESS = -isR
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