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bin/iww: ron a command before first watch

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>
latest commit b8c8f2125d
@trofi authored
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.darcs added .darcs/author
.rc.d/x11 .rc.d/x11/xmonad/mousekbd: switch layouts via Caps_Lock
.xmonad .xmobarrc: updated eth0 interface name
bin bin/iww: ron a command before first watch
elisp elisp/codepages-config: dropped codepage calls
misc/valgrind bin/ added my suppressions list (ncurses)
.Xmodmap Added .xinitrc (and needed .rc.d/)
.Xresources .Xresources: use clipboard (for nicer gtk interaction)
.asoundrc added .asoundrc
.cvsrc Added .cvsrc
.eixrc Added .eixrc (cyan is default instead of blue)
.emacs Added emacs bits.
.ghci Added .ghci
.gitignore .gitignore: added .bash*
.hgrc Added .hgrc
.swank.lisp Adde .swank.lisp
.vimrc Added .vimrc
.xinitrc Added .xinitrc (and needed .rc.d/)
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