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XMMS2-Scrobbler is a client for XMMS2 that feeds information about the songs
you played to, formerly known as AudioScrobbler.
XMMS2-Scrobbler supports "multi-scrobbling", i.e. it can talk to more than
one AudioScrobbler server.
The latest version can be found at
XMMS2-Scrobbler obviously depends on libxmmsclient (ships with XMMS2).
It also depends on CURL. That's it.
Run "make" to build xmms2-scrobbler.
Run "make install" to install xmms2-scrobbler. The usual variables PREFIX
and DESTDIR are evaluated.
Alternatively, just copy the bin/xmms2-scrobbler file anywhere you like.
First, you need to set up XMMS2-Scrobbler's config files.
Config values that are specific to the AudioScrobbler server go in
You will usually have .../clients/xmms2-scrobbler/lastfm/config
and maybe .../clients/xmms2-scrobbler/librefm/config.
These server-specific config files contain your username and password
and the URL to use:
mkdir ~/.config/xmms2/clients/xmms2-scrobbler/lastfm
echo -e "user: foo\npassword: bar\nhandshake_url:\n" > \
For, use
Optionally, if you're behind a proxy, you'll need to tell XMMS2-Scrobbler
about that proxy. This information applies to all servers and so goes in
echo -e "proxy: my.proxy\nproxy_port: 8080\n" >> \
Next, create a symlink to the script in ~/.config/xmms2/startup.d.
This will make xmms2d start xmms2-scrobbler on startup. When xmms2d is
killed, xmms2-scrobbler will exit automatically.
In case anything doesn't work as it should, have a look at
Upgrading from 0.3.x
The 0.3 series of XMMS2-Scrobbler didn't use server-specific config files.
To upgrade your configuration, do like this:
cd ~/.config/xmms2/clients/xmms2-scrobbler
# Create a config directory for the server
mkdir lastfm
# Copy the old config to the config file
grep -v ^proxy config > lastfm/config
# Remove the lines from the generic config file
grep ^proxy config > proxy_config
mv proxy_config config
# Move the old queue file to the lastfm directory
mv queue lastfm/
# Append the handshake_url config value
echo -e "\nhandshake_url:\n" >> \