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% xmobar - Release notes

Version 0.15

Incompatible changes

  • Batt monitor no longer uses -c to specify the charge file: it should figure things out by itself (cf. issue 69).

New features

  • New command line option, -C, that allows adding commands to those specified in the configuration file (Ben Boeckel).
  • Dependency on GHC's threaded runtime has been eliminated.
  • New MPRIS (versions 1 and 2) monitor, by Artem Tarasov.
  • New monitor option -d to specify the number of decimal places to display for float numbers. Defaults to 0. See issue 58.

Bug fixes

  • Stricter build dependencies versioning in cabal file.
  • issue 56: vertical alignment of text improved.
  • issue 64: display of watts in Batt monitor fixed.
  • issue 69: miscellaneous battery reporting issues.
  • issue 67: compilation in DragonFly.
  • DiskIO works also when device path in mtab are symbolic links to the real device file.
  • Wireless monitor honours padding settings for ESSID names.
  • CoreTemp monitor fixed for newer kernels (github #38).

Version 0.14 (Dec 10, 2011)

New features

  • New brightness monitor, courtesy of Martin Perner.
  • New DateZone plugin, for configurable timezone and localized datetimes, also by Martin.
  • New keyboard layout monitor (Kbd). Yes, by Martin.
  • Rewrite of the event handling (issue 53, issue 57), you guessed it.
  • Cpu monitor now also reports iowait field (issue 55).
  • Battery monitor: the full charge file is now settable in the monitor arguments (olpc systems use charge_full_design; see issue 62).

Bug fixes

  • issue 45: Fix for crashes with AC status changes in battery monitor.
  • issue 48: The field of Wireless behaves like a percentage.
  • issue 50/issue 61: MPD monitor now works with libmpd 0.6.
  • issue 60: Fixes for crashes on power resume for battery monitor.
  • Template sections without fields are now correctly displayed.
  • Catch errors when reading battery status (Ben Boeckel).
  • Compilation issues with ghc 7.x (Sergei Trofimovich).
  • Fixes for CoreTemp monitor in new kernels (Norbert Zeh).
  • Fix for pulseaudio problems in volume monitor (Martin Perner).
  • Fix for parsing errors when a Run entry ended in an array (Martin).
  • Fixed compilation in OpenBSD (Ivo van der Sangen).

Version 0.13 (March 28, 2011)

New features

  • New Volume monitor displaying ALSA soundcards information, by Thomas Tuegel.
  • New ThermalZone plugin substituting Thermal and using linux's sysfs interface (you need this one if you're using a kernel version equal to or above 2.6.37). See issue 44.
  • xmobar app new has WM_CLASS, WM_NAME and _NET_WM_PID xprops (issue 38).

Incompatible changes

  • In the process of solving issue 14, we've broken those configurations that rely on including alignment separators in the input fed to StdinReader.
  • The MPD plugin does not accept host and port options anymore: use the environment variables MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT instead.
  • The Mail plugin now takes a second parameter (a string) specifying its alias. As a side-effect, this solves issue 30.

Bug fixes

  • issue 14: StdinReader and other plugins accepting external input don't get confused anymore when characters from alignSep appear in their input.
  • issue 27: BottomSize placement now respects its width argument.
  • issue 28: Compilation in Mac OS X fixed.
  • issue 30: Mail plugin can be specified anywhere in commands list.
  • issue 36: Battery monitor now supports non-standard locations of the /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online file.
  • issue 40: Battery monitor now supports the new power_now, that replaces current_now in linux kernels for v. 2.36 and above.
  • issue 42: More accurate net monitor rates.
  • DiskIO, Cpu and MultiCpu monitors are also more accurate now.
  • Text is now correctly centered vertically.
  • FullBM border spec fixed.

Version 0.12 (Dec 24, 2010)

xmobar has a new maintainer, a new website, a new mailing list and uses a new source code repository.

Many thanks to Andrea Rossato, xmobar's author and maintainer so far, for creating xmobar in the first place, and for giving me the chance to become its maintainer. And a big thanks to Ben Boeckel, Petr Rockai and Norbert Zeh for their patches.

New features

  • Window borders: configuration options border and borderColor allow drawing borders around xmobar's window.
  • New monitor, Uptime, showing the system uptime.
  • New monitor argument (-S) to enable displaying the % symbol in percentages or other suffixes (e.g., units in Uptime and Network); the symbol is now never included by default.
  • New 'run once' commands, by specifying a 0 refresh rate in Run Com (issue 26).
  • MPD monitor: updated to libmpd 1.5. New fields ppos (playlist position) and remaining (remaining time). New configuration options to specify MPD's host, user name and password.
  • Battery monitor: new watts and timeleft fields (Petr Rockai), and specific arguments to control coloring and thresholds of the former.
  • MultiCPU monitor: new auto* fields that automatically detect all present CPUs (Ben Boeckel).
  • CpuFreq monitor uses just one decimal digit for GHz values (Petr Rockai).
  • Mail plugin expands paths starting with "~/" (Ben Boeckel). Ditto MBox.
  • Weather monitor now skips not retrieved fields, instead of displaying a long error message.
  • New compilation flag, all_extensions.
  • Documentation and website updates.

Bug fixes

  • issue 23: Wireless monitor is now compatible with iwlib 29.
  • issue 24: Swap monitor's used ratio display fixed.
  • issue 25: Percentages only include % if requested using -P.
  • issue 31: MPD monitor now respects -W argument.
  • Fixes in CPU frequency formatting, string alignment and colour boxes in monitors (Norbert Zeh).
  • TopMem and TopProc now use the -L and -H options correctly for memory template fields.
  • MBox skips non-existent mbox paths instead of hanging.
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