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This patch adds elementary cygwin support (i.e. xiki process runs and xiki command can talk to it and present responses to terminal).

The general gist of the changes are as follows:

  • FIFO changed to TCPServer / TCPSocket - FIFOs were causing errors during flush on cygwin
  • "running" check changed to use Daemon PID file checks as ps output does not contain script names on cygwin (plus it's a flakey way to check)
  • xiki_process.rb refactored to allow inclusion without slowing down
  • As a result of the above, xiki_process bin script created to execute the server
  • Bug fix in lib/xiki/menu.rb that caused = vs == warning
  • Hack for a bug in ruby_parser 2.3.1 to prevent redeclared constant errors

Mike Simons added some commits Sep 18, 2012

Mike Simons
Made xiki_process it's own script in bin dir so that etc/command/xiki…
…_process.rb can be included from elsewhere.

Changed fifo to TCPServer / TCPSocket (fifos are behaving badly under cygwin)
Changed process running check to use PID instead of dodgy ps exec

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oysteinkrog Jul 10, 2014

Does xiki work on cygwin these days?

Does xiki work on cygwin these days?

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