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A shell console with GUI features
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To run and optionally install xsh (XikiShell), just execute the 'xsh' command, located in the 'bin' dir:

  $ ./bin/xsh

It will walk you through a couple setup steps. If you run into trouble, try running "./bin/xsh -i", which may give better error messages.

You can download Xiki from:


Or, if you have git, you can get Xiki from github via "git clone"

Supported platforms

Supported platforms: MacOS and Linux. Pair with me if you want to see Windows support, support for your text editor, or just to hack on Xiki! (find me at

Getting help

Jump into the xiki chat room to get help and chat about Xiki!

Join the google group for help with installing:

Or tweet to @xiki.

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