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Very simple program to control the backlight brightness of a laptop
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Backlight Control

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Simple program to control backlight brightness of laptops in Linux.

troglobit@example:~$ backlight -h

Usage: backlight [options] [command]

 -h    This help text
 -v    Show program version

 up    Increase brightness
 down  Decrease brightness

Bug report address:

The program has only two commands: up and down, which adjusts the brightness up or down, respectively. Without arguments the current (raw) brightness value read from /sys/class/backlight/*/brightness is displayed.

Brightness is controlled using an exponential scale to provide a smooth transition from max to min.

Setup in Awesome

Users of the Awesome WM can update their ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua to include the following:

    -- Brightness
    awful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessUp", function () os.execute("backlight up") end,
              {description = "Increase brightness", group = "hotkeys"}),
    awful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessDown", function () os.execute("backlight down") end,
              {description = "Decrease brightness", group = "hotkeys"}),

Reload Awesome and your brightness keys will now work as expected.

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