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An event-based, regexp-triggered, job runner ...
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Logrun is a small script that watches your logs and does stuff when a regexp match occurs.


In its basic form logrun looks for various authentication failures and adds firewall rules to drop packets from the originating IP adresses. However, anyone familiar with (Perl) regexps easily modifies the code to do whatever is desirable.

Failed authentication adds the originating IP to a database, keeping track of the number of failed attempts. After too many attempts, the originating address is dropped, thus terminating any communication between the server and the client. A passed authentication clears any entries from the database.

Still TODO is to add timeout to the failed address so that it can be unlocked automatically after some time in quarantine.


To install, simply run:

$ sudo perl

Configure /etc/logrun.conf to suit your needs, and feel free to make additional rules in the code.

The Perl script detects Debian GNU/Linux systems, some other Linux systems and OpenBSD. Support for more systems is most welcome! :)

Origin & References

Logrun is based on the excellent authfail script by Bartosz M. Krajnik.

Logrun started out as a fork of authfail in 2005, then in Subversion and later converted to Bzr. Today Logrun is maintained at GitHub.


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