@troglobit troglobit released this Jun 26, 2017 · 33 commits to master since this release

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Bug fix release, courtesy of Andre Grosse Bley, @Haeretiker.


  • Increase MIB table size: 128 --> 192


  • Fix default install directory: $prefix/bin --> $prefix/sbin
  • Fix inverted enable/disable options to configure script, issue #4
  • Incorrect OID types: ifLastChange should be BER_TYPE_TIME_TICKS and ifSpeed should be BER_TYPE_GAUGE, issue #1
  • Fix parse_line() to prevent partial matches: wlan0 matched both wlan0-1 and wlan0-2, issue #1
  • Fix parse_lineint() to prevent partial matches, issue #1
  • Response OID order match with request order, reversed order breaks at least the MRTG SNMP client, issue #1
  • Traffic counters get stuck after 4GB traffic. Use strtoull() rather than strtoul() to parse numbers, issue #1
  • OIDs in request can be in any order. Reset OID table position after each handled OID from request, issue #1