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mrdisc(8) is a UNIX compatible implementation of RFC4286, the Multicast Router Discovery Protocol. It is intended to be a way of informing IGMP/MLD snoopers on a LAN of multicast capable routers.

Usage: mrdisc IFNAME [IFNAME ...]

When complete, mrdisc(8) will be integrated in the SMCRoute, mrouted, and pimd multicast routing daemons. In fairness, both the Linux and *BSD kernels should probably implement this instead. When a multicast routing daemon opens a routing socket and declares a set of VIFs, the kernel knows which interfaces to send IGMP/MLD discovery frames on.

Also, both Linux and the *BSD kernels have bridges with built-in IGMP and MLD snooping support that would greatly benefit from dynamically learning multicast router ports.

You are free to use this software as you like, as long as you abide by the terms of the ISC License.

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