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@troglobit troglobit released this Dec 28, 2014 · 495 commits to master since this release

Version 2.2.0: December 28, 2014

Changes & New Features

  • Add IP fragmentation support for PIM register messages,
    by Michael Fine of Cumulus Networks
  • Support /LEN syntax in phyint to complement masklen LEN, issue #12
  • Add support for /31 networks, point-to-point, thanks to Apollon Oikonomopoulos (@apoikos)
  • Remove old broken SNMP support
  • OpenBSD inspired cleanup (deregister)
  • General code cleanup, shorten local variable names, func decl. etc.
  • Support for router alert IP option in IGMP queries
  • Support for reading IGMPv3 membership reports
  • Update IGMP code to support FreeBSD >= 8.x
  • Retry read of routing tables on FreeBSD
  • Fix join/leve of ALL PIM Routers for FreeBSD and other UNIX kernels
  • Tested on FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
  • Add very simple homegrown configure script
  • Update and document support for rp_address, cand_rp, and cand_bootstrap_router
  • Add new spt_threshold to replace existing switch_register_threshold
    and switch_data_threshold settings. Cisco like and easier to understand

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to avoid infinite loop during unicast send failure, by Alex Tessmer (@atessmer)
  • Fix bug in bootstrap when configured as candidate RP, issue #15
  • Fix segfault in accept_igmp(), issue #29
  • Fix default source preference, should be 101 (not 1024!)
  • Fix ip_len handling on older BSD's, thanks to Olivier Cochard-Labbé (@ocochard), issue #23
  • Fix default prefix len in static RP example in pimd.conf, should be /4
  • Fix issue #31: Make IGMP query interval and querier timeout configurable
  • Fix issue #33: pimd does not work in background under FreeBSD
  • Fix issue #35: support for timing out other queriers from mrouted
  • Hopefully fix issue #22: Crash in (S,G) state when neighbor is lost
  • Misc. bug fixes thanks to Coverity Scan, static code analysis tool
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