@troglobit troglobit released this Mar 10, 2016 · 218 commits to master since this release

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Bug fix release. All users should upgrade, in particular FreeBSD users!


  • Minor code cleanup and readability changes to simplify the code
  • Update to libite v1.4.2 with improved min()/max() macros
  • Use -Wextra not -Werror in default CFLAGS, this to ensure that pimd
    still builds OK on newer and more pedantic compilers
  • Update man page and example pimd.conf with details on rp-candidate
    bsr-candidate, two very important settings for correct operation

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #57: Multicast routing table not updated on FreeBSD. Introduced
    with issue #23, in pimd v2.2.0. Too intrusive changes altered handling
    (forwarding) of PIM register messages. This only affects BSD systems,
    in particular FreeBSD 10.2 (current), or any FreeBSD < 11.0
  • Issue #63: Mika Joutsenvirta, @idismmxiv, found and fixed serious
    issues with the PIM Assert timeout handling
  • Issue #65: Missing slash in config file path when using env. variable
  • Issue #66: Make it possible to run pimd without a configuration
    file. If pimd cannot find its configuration file it will use
    built-in fallback settings for bsr-candidate and rp-candidate.
    This to ensure you do not end up with a non-working setup. To disable
    bsr-candidate and rp-candidate, simply leave them out of your
    config file, and make sure pimd can find the file
  • Issue #69: Rate limit only what is actually logged. The logit()
    function counted filtered messages, causing long periods of silence
    for no reason. Fix by Apollon Oikonomopoulos, @apoikos