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  • IPv6 support forward ported from FreeBSD, by John Haxby
  • Built-in log rotation support from BusyBox syslogd, disabled by default
    • Enable from command line using '-b SIZE' and '-c COUNT', or
    • Per log file in syslog.conf using 'SIZE:COUNT'
  • Automatic compression (gzip) of rotated files from .1
  • Only read /etc/services when needed, by Martin Schulze
  • Improved sleep/alarm/mark implementation, by Alan Jenkins
  • Move hostname setting code from main() into init() so it is re-read on SIGHUP, by Thomas Jarosch
  • Documentation update by Martin Schulze
  • Re-indent code to Linux KNF
  • Touch PID file on SIGHUP, for integration with Finit
  • Add systemd unit files
  • Add GNU configure & build system
    • Add configure flags to enable features and control behavior
    • Detect systemd PATHs


  • Flush log files independent of MARK, by Martin Schulze
  • Fix segfault, remove faulty fclose(), found by Andrea Morandi and Sean Young. Fixed by Martin Schulze
  • Correct continuation line problems on 64bit architecture, by David Couture
  • Bugfix against invalid PRI values (CVE-2014-3634), by mancha
  • Ignore backed up (low baud rate) console, and do not close it. Instead, continue writing when its unclogged
  • Increase socket receive buffer size (double), patch from FreeBSD
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