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Micro Tetris in Action

Micro Tetris™

Micro Tetris™ — one of the smallest Tetris implementations in the world! Utilizing only ANSI escape sequences to draw the board, no external library dependencies other than a standard C library, like uClibc or musl libc. Hence, very suitable for embedded devices in need of an easter egg ;-)

Issue tracker and GIT repository available at GitHub:

Docker Image

Pre-built Docker images are available from as of the v1.4.0 release. Previous releases available on https://hub.dockercom. The GIT repository has a Dockerfile for building your own image from the source tree:

cd tetris/
docker build -t troglobit:tetris .
docker run -ti troglobit:tetris

These instructions assume you already have installed.

Origin & References

The game is based on a 1989 International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC) entry made by John Tromp. See John's home page for the source code

This human-readable "clone" is maintained by Joachim Wiberg.