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#Encoder ##This library is intended to drive a rotary encoder.

For now, it's based on polling the pins as often as possible. Further developpment may lead to interrupt based polling.

Simply import it in your Arduino Sketch, call begin() in the setup by passing the two pins the encoder is plugged on, and call update on each loop.

getStep() returns 1 or -1 each time the encoder is incremented. Sign gives the direction.

reverse() change the sign of the value getStep() returns.

setDebounceDelay() change the delay used for debounce. if not called, it will default at 1 millisecond.

Added to those basic function, you can also attach a function or method to the encoder. The goal is that you can change the behavior of your encoder during program. For exemple you may want to increase or decrease a led intensity when in the main loop, but navigate betwen menus when you are on menu mode. Attaching a function make this posible, by attaching a new function whenever you want.

exec() calls the function that has benn attached to the encoder.

attach() is used to attach a function to the encoder. This function can be defined in global space, or can be part of an instance of a class.

detach() frees up the function, so following calls to exec() will have no effect. You don't have to call this before to change the function attached. Just call attach() again with a new function.

You are free to use this library for wathever project your working on.


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