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#Timer This library provides a simple timer usable in an arduino sketch. Simply copy the folder in your current library folder, then #include "Timer.h" in your .ino file.

After calling init() in your setup, there are three ways you can a set a timer duration: setDelay(delay) will set a delay in microseconds (max is 2³²). setSeconds(seconds) will set a delay in seconds (max is 2¹⁶). setMinutesSeconds(minutes, secondes) will set a delay in minutes and seconds (max is 2¹⁶ for minutes, 2⁸ for seconds).

Once the delay set, you can use the timer like this: start() will simply launch the timer. Additionnaly, you can use start(Timer::LOOP) to create an infinite loop, where the timer automaticly start again when delay is elapsed. Finally, you can also use start(x), where is the number of loop you whant the timer to proceed before to stop.

pause() will pause the timer until pause() is called again. stop() will stop the timer before it has reach its end.

Last but no least, call update() as often as you can (i.e. from the main loop). It will return true when delay is elapsed, false otherwise. You can call it even if the timer is stopped or paused. In taht case it will also return false.

This library is based on the millis() function provided by Arduino.


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