@trol73 trol73 released this Dec 30, 2016 · 72 commits to develop since this release

See description here: http://trolsoft.ru/en/soft/trolcommander

New features

  • New icons
  • High-resolution icons for Retina displays
  • Implemented new file Preview mode (Ctrl+4)
  • Colour tags for files in MacOS X
  • Alt+Enter hotkey in text editor now can open file under cursor
  • Added shortcut key to display the file popup menu with default key being the Context Menu key (or Alt+Down in MacOS X)
  • New actions in file table: NavigateLeft/NavigateRight (The first press of the left arrow key - go to the top of the table. The second press - go to the parent directory. Right arrow key - goto directory if selected directory, else goto end of list)


  • Make dir: try as root on MacOS X if permission denied
  • Added 'created' and 'last accessed' dates in file properties window
  • Improved ADB location detection on MacOS X
  • Added NewTab command to toolbar and main menu
  • Show icons for bookmarks
  • A lot of minor improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some android ADB FS issues
  • Fixed memory leak issue in FileSearch, Viewer and Editor
  • Fixed SFTP binary view issue
  • A lot of minor fixes