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Obtaining games

  • Use to generate the random games (needs "rngame" and "stgame" in tools/)
  • Use to download and extract the benchmarks by Keiren

Compiling Oink

Compiling SPGSolver

Compiling parallel-si

Compiling pbespgsolver

Compiling PGSolver

To run the experiments

  • in terminal: ./ run 1
  • with slurm: sbatch

To obtain the results to csv

  • just the finished experiments:./ csv > results.csv
  • with PAR2 score (penalize timeouts x2): ./ csvpar2 > par2.csv


  • List of games odd cycles: oddcycles
  • Log files used for the paper: logs.tar
  • The csv files used for the paper: results.csv, par2.csv
  • Random games used for the paper: random.tar.bz2 (split into 100M files)
  • Use "Release" builds in CMake