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Generate transit maps from OSM data in docker
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Generate transit maps from OSM data in docker

Table of Contents

About The Project

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There are many great public transport routing services online, however, I stil need static maps of public transit lines. I want to create a automatic process for generate static maps from OpenStreetMap data, with simply running routine.

Here's why:

  • Changes of public transport lines become quickly, but transit authorities news resourses do not provide up-to-date maps, only text descriptions.
  • Public transport routing services solve one problem: how to get to specific address. A map of all lines solve diffirent problem: where i can go from some point.
  • Old maps may disappear from Internet, due to closed licensing, and no one can copy it. A maps generated from OpenStreetMap keep open license, and can be reproduced to many resources.
  • Public Transport lines information in OSM keeps from 2010-s, so historical map generation already possible.

A data features, needed to orientation by static public transport map is

  1. Geometry of lines, with route refs
  2. Places of terminus, with route refs and names.
  3. Directions for one-line lines.
  4. Interval information, or marking of low interval lines.
  5. Date of map source.
  6. Good looking basemap withouth distracting map features, like "boundary of national parks".

This scripts provive points 1, 2, 3, calculating from OSM data. And also 5 and 6.

Built With

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Getting Started


This repository uses submodules, so you need to

git clone --recurse-submodules 


This is a docker container. It uses for input a bbox, filter string and map style, and generate a png image file.

It consists from there scripts:

  • - Takes a url or pbf file, poly file, filter string, and filtering it to basemap.pbf and pt_data.pbf. Use osmfilter.
  • - Download and prepare historical dump for dump_prepare. May will be run outside container, due to huge size of dumps. Use osmupdate and osmfilter.
  • - Generate image of basemap for bbox. Importing basemap.pbf to postgis, create QGIS Server WMS, make png from WMS.
  • - Generate image of public transport map for

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Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


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