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Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create draggable (swipe) mobile offscreen sidebar or side menu like on android apps.

Live Demo


  • Responsive
  • Touch Events
  • Fully Customizable
  • CSS3 3d Transitions
  • Bootsrtap 3 support

1.Getting Started

Load jQuery(1.8+) and include plugin files

<!-- Basic stylesheet -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="swipingSideMenu/swipingSideMenu.css">
<!-- Include js plugin -->
<script src="swipingSideMenu/jquery.swipingSideMenu.js"></script>

2.Set up your HTML

<button type="button" data-component="swiping-side-menu-toggle">
  Toggle navigation
<button type="button" data-component="swiping-side-menu-open">
  Open navigation
<button type="button" data-component="swiping-side-menu-close">
  Close navigation

<div class="swiping-side-menu" data-component="swiping-side-menu">
  <div class="swiping-side-menu-content">
    <!-- navigation and other -->

3.Call the plugin

With [data-component="swiping-side-menu"] selector plugin starts itself. Also you can call the plugin by:


4.Use with bootstrap

Include "bootstrap.swipingSideMenu.less" file in your bootstrap-based less-file and use standard variables.

5. Default options:

  toggleElement: '[data-component="swiping-side-menu-toggle"]',     // selector to toggle menu
  closeElement: '[data-component="swiping-side-menu-close"]',       // selector to close menu
  openElement: '[data-component="swiping-side-menu-open"]',         // selector to open menu
  backdrop: '<div class="swiping-side-menu-backdrop" data-component="swiping-side-menu-close"></div>',  // backdrop html
  body: document.body,        // just body
  swipeThreshold: 5,          // threshold before start dragging (px)
  swipeToggleDuration: 200,   // max duration between touch start and touch end to fast open/close menu (ms)
  swipeToggleDistance: 50     // minimal distance between start and end points to fast open/close menu (px)

Live Demo


The MIT License (MIT)