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0.6.x to 0.7.x

Sorry a direct upgrade is not possible, you have to install 0.7.x from scratch.

0.7.0b18 to 0.7.0b19

cd /var/www/pyscada/PyScadaServer
sudo -u pyscada python migrate
sudo -u pyscada python collectstatic
sudo -u pyscada python pyscada_daemon init


sudo wget -O /etc/systemd/system/pyscada_daemon.service
sudo systemctl enable pyscada_daemon
sudo systemctl disable pyscada_daq
sudo systemctl disable pyscada_event
sudo systemctl disable pyscada_mail
sudo systemctl disable pyscada_export
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/pyscada_daq.service
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/pyscada_mail.service
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/pyscada_export.service
sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/pyscada_event.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
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