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Code and config for a blogpost that I wrote at (and personcal copy at)


You need:

  • Docker
  • Python3 with pip

How to run

  1. Run the jaeger opentracing all-in-one thingy. This sets up a local in-memory collector, agent and query instance:
docker run \
    -e COLLECTOR_ZIPKIN_HTTP_PORT=9411 -p5775:5775/udp -p6831:6831/udp -p6832:6832/udp \
    -p5778:5778 -p16686:16686 -p14268:14268 -p9411:9411 jaegertracing/all-in-one:latest
  1. Verify that the Jaeger query frontend is working by browsing to http://localhost:16686
  2. In a new console window, download and run traefik (minimum version 1.6.0):
cd traefik
mv traefik_linux-amd64 traefik && chmod +x traefik
./traefik -c config.toml

Browse to http://localhost:8080 to check out Traefik's web interface

  1. Run the app in two separate consoles on two separate ports (this simulates two different microservices):
#First, install prerequisites (one-time things)
pip3 install -r app/requirements.txt

#Console 1 (run microservice1 on port 20000):
cd app
FLASK_APP_NAME=microservice1 python3 20000

#Console 2 (run microservice2 on port 20001):
cd app
FLASK_APP_NAME=microservice2 python3 20001
  1. At this point, we can test out everything.
    curl http://localhost:19000/service1/customers
    Refresh the jaeger query web ui to see the produced traces

  2. The following endpoints have the necessary plumbing wired up to enable "real" distributed tracing: curl http://localhost:19000/service1/orders
    Refresh the jaeger query web ui to see the produced traces, noticed that this time we get a continous trace, from the traefik load balancer, thru microservice1 and all the way to microservice2.

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