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Bucket Engine

This memcached engine provides multi-tenancy and isolation between other memcached engine instances.

It is designed to have minimal overhead while providing few constraints of its own.

That said, the ACL facilities are currently very limited and thus require SASL support and two security levels (admin, and everybody else).


You will need a storage-engine capable memcached and its included headers. In addition to that you'll need some type definitions from ep-engine.

The easiest way to build bucket_engine is to use repo:

For example, assume you keep all of your projects in ~/prog/, you can do this:

cd ~/prog/couchbase
repo init -u git:// -m branch-2.0.xml
gmake make-install-bucket_engine


An example invocation using the bucket engine from your dev tree allowing every connecting user to automatically have his own isolated namespace within the default engine is as follows:

~/prog/couchbase/memcached/memcached -v -S \
    -E ~/prog/couchbase/bucket_engine/.libs/ \
    -e engine=$HOME/prog/couchbase/memcached/.libs/


The following configuration options are available for this engine.


An administrative user can be specified using the admin parameter.

This is the SASL authenticated user permitted to execute administrative commands (see scripts in the management directory for examples).


With auto-create enabled, buckets are created automatically when users first attempt to use them.


If true, a default bucket exists for unauthenticated users, or users who don't have buckets created for them when auto_create is disabled.


The "default_bucket_config" parameter specifies a parameter to send to the default engine (ex: default_bucket_engine=tap_keepalive=500).


The contained engine is configured using the engine parameter (see the example above).