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+So you want to know how to build libmemcached on Windows? In order to
+have a single build environment you need to install mingw to get a
+"unix environment" to run the configure script.
+An easy way to get started is to install the msysgit fullinstall
+package from:
+msysgit does not contain the "autotools" needed to generate a
+configure script, so you need to generate that on another box (this
+should not be a problem if you're trying to build from a tar archive).
+msysgit does not contain the tools to build the documentation, so you
+need to add --without-docs to configure.
+I'm normally building libmemcached with:
+$ ./configure --without-docs --with-memcached=../memcached/memcached.exe
+$ make all install
+Happy hacking,
+Trond Norbye

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