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Small stupid implementation of a memcached engine implemented in C++ using STL
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You have just downloaded the source for various example engines I've created
for demo purposes of the storage engine API in memcached.


I know that a lot of people dislike C, and would prefer to use C++ to
create their engine. To show you how to write an engine in C++, I decided
to create a small engine using STL containers to store the objects in.
You'll find this implementation in src/stl


People always talk about a persistent cache, so I thought I could
write up a small example where I just tweaked the default engine from
the memcached source distribution to store it's data in a database
(sqlite). That means that items.[ch] assoc.[ch] slabs.[ch] is copied from
the source distribution, and persistent_engine.[ch] is almost identical
to default_engine.[ch].


An engine that compress the items it stores. This is based on default
engine with only a small modification. Please note that append/prepend
and incr/decr will most likely not work ;-)

Hope you will find the examples interesting.


Trond Norbye
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