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* Hacking Memcached
* Prerequisites
- autoconf
- automake
- autotools
- libevent
- git
* Getting Started
After checking out a git repository, you must first run
once in order to create the configure script.
$ git clone git://
Next, run the configure script and start doing builds:
$ ./config/ && ./configure && make && make test
* Setting up Git
Though not required, there are a couple of things you can add to git
to help development.
** Pre Commit Hook
The pre-commit hook can be used to ensure that your tree passes tests
before allowing a commit. To do so, add the following to
.git/hooks/pre-commit (which must be executable):
make test
** Post Commit Hook
Because the version number changes on each commit, it's good to use a
post commit hook to update the version number after each commit so as
to keep the reporting accurate. To do so, add the following to
.git/hooks/post-commit (which must be executable)
** Running memcached in gdb for tests.
By default `make test` will spawn a memcached daemon for each test.
This doesn't let you easily drop into gdb or run verbosely.
If you export the environment variable
T_MEMD_USE_DAEMON="" the tests will use an existing
daemon at that address.
* Sending patches
See current instructions at