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Super fast totally awesome distributed memory object caching daemon.
Requires a client to fully utilize, which you may research at the wiki:
The ASCII protocol is documented in doc/protocol.txt - the newer binary
protocol is documented on the wiki above.
-- libevent, (libevent-dev)
Ideally you have a recent version of libevent (1.4+), and a recent OS (at
least from the last 4 years).
$ ./configure && make && make test && sudo make install
By default memcached builds with a bundled version of libevent, to make it
easier to build on older distributions. If you are packaging memcached or
otherwise wish to use the libevent provided by your distro, build with:
$ ./configure --disable-bundled-libevent
Please try to ensure memcached isn't swapping. It is designed to be ultra fast
while relying on RAM. SWAP is not necessarily RAM.
The memcached website is at:
Want to contribute? Up-to-date pointers should be at: