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Tronixlabs Pty Ltd has now closed.
You can contact us using email via
Suggested suppliers
- PMDWay ( has a huge range of items with free delivery.
- For Adafruit, DFRobot or SparkFun items - we recommend Mouser. They have free FedEx or UPS delivery for orders over $66.
- For kits and A/V gear along with hardware and components, Altronics have a great range - and are really awesome people to deal with.
For pretty much anything else - especially Raspberry Pi gear, there is RS (who offer free delivery). You can also use element14,
just click "for business use" and pay via credit card.
If you need help finding an item, email
Thank you to all our retail customers for your business over the years.
John Boxall.
Tronixlabs Pty Ltd.
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