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@Yrp Yrp released this
· 7993 commits to master since this release
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All the node must upgrade to this version


  • (#1808 #1815) Provide the RPC and HTTP interface services of the SolidityNode on the FullNode.
  1. These two services are available only when storage.db.version=2 (See here)
  2. The HTTP service port is node.http.solidityPort, the default value is 8091. The RPC service port is node.rpc.solidityPort; the default value is 50061. You can modify the port in the configuration file. Http port see here, RPC port see here
  • (#1811) Add a switch to save the internal transaction. The switch status can be configured via the configuration item vm.saveInternalTx, the default is false.See here
  • (#1818) Add more unit test about the proposal AllowSameTokenName
  • (#1803) Perfecting transaction broadcasting interface
  1. If there is no connection, return code: NO_CONNECTION
  2. If the effective connection is not enough, return code: NOT_ENOUGH_EFFECTIVE_CONNECTION
  3. If NO_CONNECTION or NOT_ENOUGH_EFFECTIVE_CONNECTION returns, you can rebroadcast the transaction after a while
  • (#1803) Solving the problem of solidity node not synchronizing blocks
    (#1807) Add a switch to control database write strategy; the default setting is false. See here
  1. Synchronous writing is "true", else Asynchronous writing is "false".
  2. Asynchronous writing significantly improves the performance of the FullNode and SolidityNode sync block.
  3. If asynchronous, the write is flushed from the operating system buffer cache. If the machine crashes, some recent writes may be lost. Note that if it is just the process that crashes (i.e., the machine does not reboot), no writes are lost;
  4. If synchronous, writes are flushed into levelDB directly. No writes are lost when the machine crashes, but it is slow.
  • (#1807) Vastly improved processing block speed, especially when machine performance is poor.
  • (#1807) Compress transaction space, reducing database space by 25%.
  • (#1807) Add a switch to put the transaction result into the transactionHistory database; the default setting is on. See here
  1. Turning off the switch saves a lot of hard disk space;
  2. You can turn off the switch if you don't need the interface getransactioninfobyid.