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Scope of use

This script could be used on Linux/MacOS, but not on Windows. Just Support FullNode and SolidityNode.

Download and run script

wget -O

Parameter Illustration

bash --app [FullNode|SolidityNode] --net [mainnet|testnet|privatenet] --db [keep|remove|backup] --heap-size <heapsize>

--app	Optional, Running application. The default node is Fullnode and it could be FullNode or SolidityNode.
--net	Optional, Connecting network. The default network is mainnet and it could be mainnet, testnet.
--db	Optional, The way of data processing could be keep, remove and backup. Default is keep. If you launch two different networks, like from mainnet to testnet or from testnet to mainnet, you need to delete database.
--trust-node	Optional, It only works when deploying SolidityNode. Default is The specified gRPC service of Fullnode, like or
--rpc-port	Optional, Port of grpc. Default is 50051. If you deploy SolidityNode and FullNode on the same host,you need to configure different ports.
--commit	Optional, commitid of project.
--branch	Optional, branch of project.  Mainnet default is latest release and Testnet default is master.
--heap-size  Optional, jvm option: Xmx. The default heap-size is 0.8 * memory size.
--work_space  Optional, default is current directory.


Deployment of FullNode on the one host.

wget -O

Deployment of SolidityNode on the one host.

wget -O
# User can self-configure the IP and Port of GRPC service in the turst-node field of SolidityNode. trust-node is the fullnode you just deploy.
bash --app SolidityNode --trust-node <grpc-ip:grpc-port>

Deployment of FullNode and SolidityNode on the same host.

# You need to configure different gRPC ports on the same host because gRPC port is available on SolidityNode and FullNodeConfigure and it cannot be set as default value 50051. In this case the default value of rpc port is set as 50041.
wget -O
bash --app FullNode
bash --app SolidityNode --rpc-port 50041

Deployment of grpc gateway


This script helps you download the code from and deploy the code on your environment.


Please follow the guide on Install Golang, Protoc, and set $GOPATH environment variable according to your requirement.

Download and run script

wget -O

Parameter Illustration

bash --rpchost [rpc host ip] --rpcport [rpc port number] --httpport [http port number] 

--rpchost The fullnode or soliditynode IP where the grpc service is provided. Default value is "localhost".
--rpcport The fullnode or soliditynode port number grpc service is consuming. Default value is 50051.
--httpport The port intends to provide http service provided by grpc gateway. Default value is 18890.


Use default configuration:


Use customized configuration:

bash --rpchost --rpcport 50052 --httpport 18891