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Wallet CLI

Download wallet-cli

git clone https://github.com/tronprotocol/wallet-cli.git

Edit config.conf in src/main/resources

net {
 type = mainnet
 #type = testnet 

fullnode = {
  ip.list = [
    "fullnode ip : port"

soliditynode = {
  ip.list = [
    "solidity ip : port"
}//note: solidity node is optional

Build and run wallet-cli by command line

Create a new command line terminal window.

cd wallet-cli  
./gradlew build      
./gradlew run

Build and run web wallet

cd wallet-cli  
./gradlew build
cd build/libs
java -jar wallet-cli.jar

How wallet-cli connects to java-tron :

Wallet-cli connect to java-tron by grpc protocol.
Java-tron nodes can be deployed locally or remotely.
We can set the connected java-tron node IP in config.conf of wallet-cli.

Wallet-cli supported command list:

RegisterWallet Password Register a wallet in local. Generate a pair of ecc keys. Derive a AES Key by password and then use the AES algorithm to encrypt and save the private key. The account address is calculated by the public key sha3-256, and taking the last 20 bytes. All subsequent operations that require the use of a private key must enter the password.

FreezeBalance UnfreezeBalance WithdrawBalance Listaccounts
Getblock UpdateAccount  Exit or Quit

Input any one of then, you will get more tips.

How to freeze/unfreeze balance

After the funds are frozen, the corresponding number of shares and bandwidth will be obtained. Shares can be used for voting and bandwidth can be used for trading. The rules for the use and calculation of share and bandwidth are described later in this article.

Freeze operation is as follows:

freezebalance password amount time

amount:The amount of frozen funds,the unit is drop. The minimum value is 1000000 drop(1TRX).

time:Freeze time, this value is currently only allowed for 3 days

For example:

freezebalance 123455 10000000 3

After the freeze operation,frozen funds will be transferred from Account Balance to Frozen, You can view frozen funds from your account information. After being unfrozen, it is transferred back to Balance by Frozen, and the frozen funds cannot be used for trading.

When more share or bandwidth is needed temporarily, additional funds may be frozen to obtain additional share and bandwidth. The unfrozen time is postponed until 3 days after the last freeze operation

After the freezing time expires, funds can be unfroze.

Unfreeze operation is as follows:

unfreezebalance password 

How to vote

Voting requires share. Share can be obtained by freezing funds.

  • The share calculation method is: 1 unit of share can be obtained for every 1TRX frozen.
  • After unfreezing, previous vote will expire. You can avoid the invalidation of the vote by re-freezing and voting.

Note: The Tron Network only records the status of your last vote, which means that each of your votes will cover all previous voting results.

For example:

freezebalance 123455 10000000 3   // Freeze 10TRX and acquire 10 units of shares

votewitness 123455 witness1 4 witness2 6   // Cast 4 votes for witness1 and 6 votes for witness2 at the same time.

votewitness 123455 witness1 10   // Voted 10 votes for witness1.

The final result of the above command was 10 votes for witness1 and 0 votes for witness2.

How to calculate bandwidth

The bandwidth calculation rule is:

constant * FrozenFunds * days

Assuming freeze 1TRX(1_000_000 DROP),3 days,bandwidth obtained = 1* 1_000_000 * 3 = 3_000_000.

Any contract needs to consume bandwidth, including transfer, transfer of assets, voting, freezing, etc. The query does not consume bandwidth, and each contract needs to consume 100_000 bandwidth.

If the previous contract exceeds a certain time (10s), this operation does not consume bandwidth.

When the unfreezing operation occurs, the bandwidth is not cleared. The next time the freeze is performed, the newly added bandwidth is accumulated.

How to withdraw balance

After each block is produced, the block award is sent to the account's allowance, and an withdraw operation is allowed every 24 hours from allowance to balance. The funds in allowance cannot be locked or traded.

How to create witness

Applying to become a witness account needs to consume 100_000TRX. This part of the funds will be burned directly.

How to create account

It is not allowed to create accounts directly. You can only create accounts by transferring funds to non-existing accounts. Transfer to a non-existent account with a minimum transfer amount of 1TRX.

Command line operation flow example

cd wallet-cli
./gradlew build
./gradlew run
RegisterWallet 123456 (password = 123456)
login 123456
getAddress (Print 'address = f286522619d962e6f93235ca27b2cb67a9e5c27b', backup it)
BackupWallet 123456 (Print 'priKey = 22be575f19b9ac6e94c7646a19a4c89e06fe99e2c054bd242c0af2b6282a65e9', backup it) (BackupWallet2Base64 option)
getbalance (Print 'Balance = 0')


assetIssue 123456 testAssetIssue00001 10000000000000000 1 100 2018-4-1 2018-4-30 1 just-test https://github.com/tronprotocol/wallet-cli/
getaccount f286522619d962e6f93235ca27b2cb67a9e5c27b
(Print balance: 9999900000
asset {
key: "testAssetIssue00001"
value: 10000000000000000
(cost trx 1000 trx for assetIssue)
(You can query the trx balance and other asset balances for any account )
TransferAsset 123456 649DDB4AB82D558AD6809C7AB2BA43D1D1054B3F testAssetIssue00001 10000