Python interface for barycentric correction web applets
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Python routines that query Jason Eastman's web applets for barycentric velocity and time correction (, and

When using one of the services provided through this module, please cite the corresponding paper:

The Python interface is written by René Tronsgaard (Aarhus University) and may be used, modified or redistributed without restrictions.

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Download to a directory of choice.

The following packages are required (available in PyPI):

Usage example

import barycorr
params = {
    'jd_utc': [2457535.067362, 2457462.12724721],
    'ra': 293.08995940,
    'dec':  69.66117649,
    'lat': 28.2983,
    'lon': -16.5094,
    'elevation': 2400,
    'pmra': 598.07,
    'pmdec': -1738.40,
    'parallax': 173.77,
    'rv': 26780,
    'zmeas': [-4.99432219e-06,  1.16637407e-05]

# Returns: numpy.array([-1312.08186269,   515.87479325])