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SonarQube Jazz RTC SCM Plugin
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SonarQube Jazz RTC SCM Plugin

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This plugin implements SCM dependent features of SonarQube for Jazz RTC projects.


This provider is a wrapper around 'lscm' command line utility. You need to have 'lscm' in the PATH.

Auto-detection will works if there is a .jazz5 folder in the project root directory. Otherwise you can force the provider using -Dsonar.scm.provider=jazz.

You can also configure some optional properties:

Key Description
sonar.jazzrtc.username Username to be used for Jazz RTC authentication
sonar.jazzrtc.password.secured Password to be used for Jazz RTC authentication
sonar.jazzrtc.cmd.timeout Timeout to be used for Jazz RTC Annotate command

Known Limitations

  • Blame is not executed in parallel since it is not supported by lscm annotate.
  • 'lscm' annotate returns information from server for the given file in latest revision (whatever is the status of your local workspace).
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