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Compact novice-friendly semi-ergonomic wireless keyboard
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Compact novice-friendly semi-ergonomic wireless keyboard



Compact implies that:

  • Switches will be low-profile (kailh choc, x or similar)
  • Microcontroller will be soldered on PCB
  • Case will be thin and minimalistic
  • All keys will be small (1U)
  • Where to place the battery???

Semi-ergonomic implies that it won't be too fancy as kinesis or ergodox, but will solve most of "classic" keyboards problems:

  • Staggered keys
  • Big useless spacebar
  • Lack of thumbs usage
  • Strange out of reach modifier position

Novice-friendly implies that:

  • kboard will look familar
  • Will be well-documented
  • Will have user-friendly way to update firmware/layout

Wireless implies that:

  • It will be, you know, wireless :)
  • Based on nrf52840 or similar cortex-m4 chip
  • Will have an internal battery


To show current layer and maybe some other information.


Additionally it will have a trackpoint/joystick to manipulate the cursor without mouse and touch wheel.

Gaming capabilities

Keyboard should also enhance your gaming experience:

  • Special gaming layer to keep your gaming experience the same on all of types of keyboards
  • Show in game parameters (like health) with RGB or display, or both
  • Will support macros
  • Macros recording on the go


  • Ability to switch between multiple devcies instantly
  • Switch between bluetooth/cable



Initial idea of mechanical layout


The picture taken here:

Updated version will be uploaded later.


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