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admblib : A utility library for ADMB

This is a modest little library of C++ classes, functions and macros for use with ADMB.

admblib uses features of the C++11 standard like the oh-so-convienient-why-couldn't-we-have-had-this-ten-years-ago type inference and the mind-bending-but-uber-useful variadic templates. So, to use it, you'll need a modern compiler that supports those features. admblib has been develped using gcc 4.8.1.

Beware, although small, admblib is unsociable, intoverted and perhaps even misanthropic. It exists mainly for the author's own use and reflects his personal tastes in C++ coding style and ADMB usage patterns. Don't expect well documented code, tutorials, getting started guides or a comprehensive set of functions in a particular domain. admblib is likely to have irregular and adhoc development. Despite these failings, other people might just find bits of admblib useful, so its been flung up here on the interweb. If you do use admblib, let me know, and I might be able to make it a little less reticent and a little easier to work with.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons Licence


A small library of functions and macros for use with ADMB



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