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Analysis tools for New Zealand fisheries catch and effort data
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What and why

A R package for analysis of New Zealand fisheries catch and effort data. There is nothing particularly sophisticated here; it just helps streamline the workflow for taking data, analysing it and presenting the results.

analyser is made up of a number of Worker modules that do certain jobs. Although there is a usual "template" for how these workers are arranged in an analysis, this modular approach allows for flexibility and customization of analyses.

analyser is specifically designed to be used for New Zealand catch and effort data (e.g. expects a certain data structure and variable names) but some of the modules may be useful for other data. It is often used in conjunction with groomer.


analyser was initially developed in 2008 and became part of the "Tanga" family of tools used by Trophia for analyses of catch and effort data, (the other tools being tangaviewer and tangagroomer). It has been used extensively by some Trophia associates but has not had any major development since 2012.

In May 2016, tangaanalyser was renamed analyser, switched from Mercurial to Git, and open sourced under the GPLv3 licence. At that time we began a complete rewrite of the code to make use of modern R packages. The original code has been retained for posterity in the legacy branch and is borrowed from where appropriate.

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