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Fisheries of New Zealand (FINZ)


Trophia developed the Fisheries of New Zealand (FINZ) website during a project for the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (now the Ministry for Primary Industries).

Since then, the project has been incorporated into the work programme of Trident Systems and developed further.

This repository simply sets up a HTML redirect from to

How? (Because someone, somehere, someday, might just be interested)

We setup an empty Github pages branch to this repo:

git clone
cd finz
git checkout --orphan gh-pages
git rm -rf .

Created index.html with the HTML redirect in it (and some other silly stuff no one should ever see) Then pushed up the changes.

git add index.html
git commit -a -m "First pages commit"
git push origin gh-pages

Created a file called CNAME with the one line in it so that Github pages knows to point that domain at that index.html file.

On our zone file, created an A record for pointing to (Github pages).