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Welcome to the Tropo Reminder Demo

This is a Tropo application designed to demonstrate building a reminder application using both Voice and SMS alerts. The application will place an outbound reminder call to you 1 week in advance and then 1 day in advance and an SMS message 1 hour in advance of your appointment time.

Installing this application on your localhost

Clone app from GitHub

bundle install rake db:create rake db:migrate

Create Tropo app using the Scripting API

Setup an account at Tropo (

Create a new application

Copy and paste source code from tropo_scripting_api.rb into separate scripts running under the same application. One for placing outbound voice call reminders and one for sending SMS message reminders.

Add a phone number to your application. SMS messages will not work without one.

Running your application

Open your web browser to localhost:3000

Setup Cron job to call localhost:3000/api/check every 5 minutes