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Simple Message

This is a prepackaged application for Tropo that allows you to send text messages simply by requesting a URL. You can also get replies or other incoming messages sent as form posts to a URL of your choosing.

If you want to read more about why Simple Message exists, how to use it, and see a screencast on how to install it, check out Simple POST and GET interface to Tropo SMS on the Tropo blog.

Adding a Tropo application

After you create or log into your Tropo account, click Create New Application and choose Tropo Scripting.

For the URL, either upload this code to your web server as simpleMessage.tphp (note the "t" in the extension) and then give Tropo the URL to that file, or if you'd like to host the file on Tropo's server, choose Hosted File and then Create a new hosted file... and then copy and paste the contents of simpleMessage.php into the text box.

Add a US phone number and make note of your messaging token.


Load the URL with a GET request, adding the following query string variables

  • action - set this to "create"
  • token - Your secret messaging token from Tropo
  • to - the phone number (including country code) to send to
  • msg - the message to send
  • network - (optional) the network to send to. Defaults to SMS
  • from - (optional) if you have multiple Tropo numbers, which one to send from. Note this must be a Tropo number. Carriers reject spoofed SMS messages.

Since this is a URL, all values should be URL encoded.

** Example **

I want to send "I feel pretty" by SMS 1 (212) 555-1212. My token is 1234 (real tokens are much longer). To do this, I'd request this url:


Tropo will make a form post to any URL you'd like, using the following fields:

  • to - the phone number (or IM address) the message was sent to
  • from - the sender's number or IM address
  • msg - the message they sent

You simply need to find the line in simpleMessage.php that says...

$url = ''; // Tropo will POST incoming messages here

... and change to the URL you want Tropo to post to. You can also add a username and password if your server requires authentication to access your URL.