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6a140bf @jsgoecke Added a release notes file starting with v0.1.7
jsgoecke authored
1 Tropo AGItate - Release Notes
2 =============================
f4ed8ae @bklang version bump to 0.2.4
bklang authored
4 v0.2.4
5 * Make AGItate compatible with Ruby 1.9
da8aa05 @bklang note on the fix
bklang authored
7 v0.2.3
8 ------
9 * Fix bug where dials with an empty duration string would result in a 0-second call (thanks John Dyer for finding/fixing this)
3262f37 @benlangfeld Update release notes
benlangfeld authored
11 v0.2.2
12 ------
13 * Ask now handles the options hash propery respecting symbols as keys
9657631 @bklang Update release notes for 0.2.1
bklang authored
15 v0.2.1
16 ------
17 * Allow application arguments to be quoted as a single string like: "arg1,arg2,arg3". This is allowed by Asterisk and is generated by Asterisk.NET.
18 * Since the above change breaks using Playback for TTS strings, introduce a Tropo-specific "Say" application: EXEC Say {"prompt": "Hello, LSRC!"}
9b416e9 @bklang Documentation, version bump
bklang authored
20 v0.2.0
21 ------
22 * Add unit tests to cover all AGI primitives documented here:
23 * Overhaul the options parsing to be more exactly in line with Asterisk
24 * Unify error handling and protocol response messages
25 * Add lots of unit tests to emulate behavior seen from various AGI clients
26 * Return sane error messages for applications that do not make sense on Tropo: DATABASE GET/PUT, SET CONTEXT/EXTENSION/PRIORITY, TDD MODE, SEND IMAGE/TEXT, RECEIVE TEXT/CHAR etc.
27 * Add support for most remaining AGI primitives (exceptions: The SPEECH primitives, SAY ALPHA/DATE/DATETIME etc. are not yet implemented)
587595a @jsgoecke Bumped the version number and updated the release notes.
jsgoecke authored
29 v0.1.9
30 ------
32 * Make unit tests more idempotent
33 * Make unit tests less magical
34 * Add support for Flexmock
35 * Rudimentary answering machine detection
4b859ab @jsgoecke Bumped the version number
jsgoecke authored
37 v0.1.8
38 ------
40 * Add unit test for outbound callerID functionality
41 * Provide has_key? method to ensure proper handling
42 * Make sure header keys are strings
43 * No need to work with a copy of the channel vars now
44 * Make sure to encode as JSON in case we hit a nested channel variable
45 * Avoid exception if no input is received
46 * Work around Tropo Ruby shim bug with _parseTime
47 * Better backtrace logging
6a140bf @jsgoecke Added a release notes file starting with v0.1.7
jsgoecke authored
49 v0.1.7
50 ------
52 * Add framework for "magic" channel variables. This supports things like CALLERID(all) vs. CALLERID(name) vs. CALLERID(num) that all have overlap in Asterisk. We now try to do the right thing when setting or reading each variation. More special variables can be easily added.
0b3b9b0 @jsgoecke Cleaned up release notes formatting
jsgoecke authored
53 * Enhanced Dial compatibility: Allow setting the CallerID on outbound calls, set DIALSTATUS based on Tropo response
54 and clean up parsing of dial string
6a140bf @jsgoecke Added a release notes file starting with v0.1.7
jsgoecke authored
55 * Set the default AGI port if unspecified in the YAML
56 * Update to RSpec 2
57 * Allow detecting the Tropo dialed number for incoming calls (agi_dnid)
58 * Fix fatal missing error on SIP failover failure
c9dfefb @jsgoecke JRuby 1.5.x no longer needs 'include Java'
jsgoecke authored
59 * Update unit tests for new functionality; fix broken unit tests
9b416e9 @bklang Documentation, version bump
bklang authored
60 * Rspec tests now require JRuby v1.5.x or better
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