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# Configuration for connecting to your AGI Server
# The default voice to use for Speech Synthesis/TTS
# Refer to: (voice option) for a list of supported voices
voice: kate
# The default recognizer to use for Speech Recogintion/ASR
# Refer to: (recognizer option) for a list of supported recognizers
recognizer: en-us
# The SIP address to send the session/call to if AGItate may not connect to your AGI server
# this may be another Tropo app that plays a simple message, or an address on your Asterisk server
# by default, if left unchanged this will play a message to the user:
# 'We were unable to connect to your A G I server. Please try again later. Goodbye.'
# This should be your running AGI Server (Adhearsion, PHPAGI, Asterisk-Java, etc)
uri: agi://
# Used for local testing
uri_for_local_tests: agi://localhost:4573/tropo_agi
enabled: true
language: en
# available_files/base_uri does not need to change, unless you want to pull sound files from your own account
# these files are accessible from the Tropo-AGI/49767 account to yours