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Web service application for receiving Tropo recordings from the cloud and pushing them to Amazon S3
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Tropo AudioFiles to Amazon S3 Server


This app provides a Web Service written with Sinatra to allow for files recorded on Tropo to be pushed from the Tropo cloud to Amazon S3. This application may be run on your own servers or easily deployed to Heroku.


  • Ruby 1.8.6+
  • Gems
    • Sinatra 0.9.2+
  • Amazon S3 Account
  • Optional
    • Heroku Account
    • Gems
      • Heroku 1.1+


First, get the app:

git clone git://

Copy the sample configuration file for Amazon S3:

cp ~/application-directory/config/amazon_s3.yml.sample ~/application-directory/config/amazon_s3.yml

Install the required gems:

sudo gem install sinatra aws-s3 heroku


Configure your Amazon S3 Bucket, Access Key and Secret Access key here:


Running on Your Own Server

To run the app you may do the following:

ruby ~/application-directory/tropo-audiofiles-to-s3.rb

Deploying to Heroku

It is possible to push this app to be hosted by Heroku. First you will need a Heroku account and the Heroku gem:

sudo gem install heroku

After you have cloned the repo from Github above, you may do the following:

cd ~/application-directory
heroku create my-app-name
git push heroku master

(More from Heroku here)

Thats it, you may now start using the URL

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