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Voxeo Transcriptions Server


This application creates a RESTful web service for you on Google AppEngine for receiving the Voxeo Transcriptions from our Record method. We used AppEngine-JRuby to create the container application for a Sinatra based Web API server.



First is to install the appengine-jruby gem on your system:

sudo gem install google-appengine

Then either use git to clone the tropo-transcriptions source code or download from Github:

git clone git://

Then edit the file:

mate tropo-transcriptions/

Change :application => 'tropo-transcrptions' to :application => 'your-GAE-app-name'

Then, deploy:

cd tropo-transcriptions/
appcfg.rb update .


URL to use when initiating a Record request in

:transcriptionOutURI => ''

URL to use to see all transcription result:

URL to use to see a single transcription result: