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I'd like to be able to append nodes to the TropoBuilder, or to insert an existing TropoBuilder's nodes into a new Builder; I would have expected this somewhere directly in BuilderSupport, but I don't see it so I'll ask you if it's easy for the TropoBuilder ;) or if maybe I just missed it ...

Here's a use case I need to handle:

(in a grails controller)

TropoBuilder tb = new TropoBuilder();
tb.append {

def someLogic(TroboBuilder tb){

Another approach would be to support something like:

TropoBuilder tb1 = new TopoBuilder()
 tb1.tropo { say('goodbye') }

TropoBuilder tb2 = new TopoBuilder()
 tb2.tropo {

(I find the second approach a bit more flexible)

I ran into this need specifically while building Tropo commands in state machine actions using the http://grails.org/plugin/fsm FSM plugin, because it uses the 'on' keyword. So, when I use an action block in the FSM to generate a tropo builder and when put 'on' into blocks inside the action definition of the state machine, they vanish from the tropo output! But, it's a more general issue of wanting to assemble complex tropo commands one chunk at a time.

@mpermar mpermar added a commit that closed this issue Aug 4, 2011
@mpermar mpermar Added new append method to TropoBuilder which allows to create more
complex builders by appending existing builder objects.

This closes #2
@mpermar mpermar closed this in 07bb766 Aug 4, 2011
Tropo member

Hi Wayne,

I think you already could do what you wanted if you don't use the closure format. Like for example here in the tests:


But anyways, I added support for explicitly embedding other builders, so now you can add an append(builder) element within another builder.

You can find an example here:


This is available in version 0.1.2 of the plugin, or you can pick the changes from the source tree.


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