feature request: allow append() at start of block #4

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Minor feature ... I'm using 'append()' to put my tropo logic into a common block of 'on' statements (they provide the basic endpoint management for my app), like this:

builderWithFlow.tropo {
    on(event:"continue", next:"tropoContinueIn")
    on(event:"incomplete", next:"tropoIncompleteIn")
    on(event:"error", next:"tropoErrorIn")
    on(event:"hangup", next:"tropoHangupIn")

But, since I can only put the 'append() at the end of the block, whatever I append goes out last in the generated JSON. This means that when I use the builder.text() to generate logging information, the log line starts with a mainly-useless series of unchanging on-statements, then my per-event commands (the 'say' and 'record' etc) come at the end ... so reading the log requires a lot of scrolling back and forth.

I'm coding around this by logging the builder before I do the append, but it would be a bit easier if I could put append() at the beginning of a block (or, at any node location, as an 'insert())

mpermar closed this in bb22b3e Aug 11, 2011

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