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Example wrong, can't terminate recording with 'exit_tone' #5

wstidolph opened this Issue August 12, 2011 · 1 comment

2 participants

Wayne Stidolph mpermar
Wayne Stidolph

When I follow the unit test or the plugin doc and put in an "exit_tone" parameter to the record verb, the JSON generated to Tropo contains the 'exit_tone' attribute as expected, but Tropo does not respond to the DTMF "#" key. I can see that the key is recognized in the Application Debugger log, but the recording doesn't terminate until the timeout happens. From the WebApi doc for 'record' and it looks like it needs a 'choices' element; this seems to work:

builder.record(...) {
    say(value: "talk to key day us now")
    choices( terminator : '#' )
mpermar mpermar closed this issue from a commit August 15, 2011
mpermar Fixed bug. Recordings use a choices element not exit_tone attribute.
This closes #5

- Added proper groovy Strings to the unit tests
mpermar mpermar closed this in bd100bf August 15, 2011


Thanks for the heads up. Tests are fixed now.

I'm not sure why that exit_tone was there as it is clear from the docs that terminator and choices should be used. Perhaps I was reading the wrong doc when doing the unit tests. Nice catch!

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