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start and stopRecording caps issue #3

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Line 61 and line 67 of tropo-webapi.js had a couple capitalization typos. Instead of base.StartRecording and base.StopRecording, it was listed as startRecording and stopRecording in the base.js file. Elected to adjust to lowercase in tropo-webapi.js

Justin Dupree added some commits
@JustinDupree JustinDupree referenced this pull request from a commit
JustinDupree Merged pull request #3 from JustinDupree/master.
start and stopRecording caps issue + ring event inclusion for transfer
@JustinDupree JustinDupree merged commit 27e5a52 into from
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Commits on Apr 26, 2011
  1. fixed startRecording

    Justin Dupree authored
Commits on Apr 28, 2011
  1. fix to reflect ring event

    Justin Dupree authored
  2. Fixed typo in last fix

    Justin Dupree authored
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BIN  lib/.DS_Store
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5 lib/base.js
@@ -150,14 +150,15 @@ startRecording = function(format, method, url, username, password) {
stopRecording = function() {};
-Transfer = function(to, answerOnMedia, choices, from, name, required, terminator, timeout) {
+Transfer = function(to, answerOnMedia, choices, from, name, on, required, timeout) { = to;
this.answerOnMedia = answerOnMedia;
this.choices = serializeProperty(choices);
this.from = from; = name;
+ this.on = (typeof(on) == 'Object') ? serializeProperty(on) : on;
this.required = required;
- this.terminator = terminator;
+// this.terminator = terminator;
this.timeout = timeout;
4 lib/tropo-webapi.js
@@ -59,12 +59,12 @@ TropoWebAPI.prototype.say = function(value, as, name, required, voice) {
TropoWebAPI.prototype.startRecording = function(format, method, url, username, password) {
- var startRecording = new base.StartRecording(format, method, url, username, password);
+ var startRecording = new base.startRecording(format, method, url, username, password);
this.tropo.push(serializeObject("startRecording", startRecording));
TropoWebAPI.prototype.stopRecording = function() {
- var stopRecording = new base.StopRecording();
+ var stopRecording = new base.stopRecording();
this.tropo.push(serializeObject("stopRecording", stopRecording));
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