A set of PHP classes for working with the Voxeo Tropo WebAPI
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TropoPHP is a set of PHP classes for working with Tropo's cloud communication service. Tropo allows a developer to create applications that run over the phone, IM, SMS, and Twitter using web technologies. This library communicates with Tropo over JSON.


  • PHP 5.3.0 or greater (5.4 not yet supported)
  • PHP Notices disabled (All error reporting disabled is recommended for production use)


Answer the phone, say something, and hang up.

require 'tropo.class.php';

$tropo = new Tropo();    
// Use Tropo's text to speech to say a phrase.    
$tropo->say('Yes, Tropo is this easy.');    

// Render the JSON back to Tropo.

Asking for input.

require 'tropo.class.php';

$tropo = new Tropo();
$tropo->ask('What is your favorite programming language?', array(
  'choices'=>'PHP, Ruby(Ruby, Rails, Ruby on Rails), Python, Java(Groovy, Java), Perl',
  'event'=> array(
    'nomatch' => 'Never heard of it.',
    'timeout' => 'Speak up!',
// Tell Tropo how to continue if a successful choice was made
$tropo->on(array('event' => 'continue', 'say'=> 'Fantastic! I love that, too!'));
// Render the JSON back to Tropo