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Headers parameter missing for transfer() #22

kevinbond opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Unable to change headers using WebAPI. The parameter does not exist as shown below:

{ "transfer": {
        "to": String or Array,#Required
        "answerOnMedia": Boolean,
        "choices": Object,
        "from": String,
        "name": String,
        "required": Boolean,
        "terminator": String,
        "timeout": Float } }

I will be utilizing this feature as follows:

from itty import *
from tropo import Tropo, Session


def index(request):

  s = Session(request.body)
  t = Tropo()

  t.say("Hello. , , , Transferring")
  t.transfer(to="", headers={"x-callername":"Kevin Bond"})

  return t.RenderJson()

run_itty(server='wsgiref', host='', port=8888)

Thank you!

@egilchri egilchri closed this in 5b6fbe5

I just pushed out a new that I think fixes this issue. However, I welcome your feedback. The sample script is called


Thank you for the fast update, however, I am still having issues with python rendering the headers into the JSON. I copied the exact code and also messed around with it and the resulting JSON is always as follows:

{"tropo": [{"say": {"value": "Hello. , , , Transferring"}}, {"transfer": {"to": ""}}]}

When I tested it in another language, this is what I got, which worked:

{"tropo": [{"say": [{"value": "Hello. , , , transferring"}]},{"transfer": {"to":"","headers": {"x-callername": "Kevin Bond"}}}]}

I pulled the newly changes and had a peek at them and it looks good. I don't why it is failing to set the headers. Thank you for all the help.


Hello Ted,

I did use the example and incorporated the fixes. Did you run any successful tests?

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