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What is Tropo.pdf


Tropo Samples

This USB drive contains sample code, sample applications, and code libraries for

If you can create a web site, you can make and receive phone calls, use voice
recognition, interact over SMS, IM, or Twitter. You can even create conference
calls and transcribe calls. There's no need to learn new languages, wrestle with
VoIP software, or learn about telephony. Host your code with us, or use your
existing web server in the language of your choice.

Tropo adds a few simple communications commands to your favorite programming

		say('Yes, Tropo is this easy.');
		// Yup, that's it!

Also included here is Phono - Tropo's jquery plugin that turns any browser into a 
phone and IM client. Phono is open source and we've included both sample applications
and the source code of the core components.

To use these samples, you'll need a Tropo account. Tropo is 100% free for developer 
usage, and you only start to pay when you move your application into production. 
Sign up at

Browse the samples and try things out. If you get stuck, Tropo's 24x7 support is 
ready to help. Just send an email to

Unless otherwise noted, all code in on this USB drive is released under the MIT 

The contents of this drive (including an installer to build your own drives)
are on Github: and a description of how we build
the drives is at